Do-it-Yourself Guide to Designing / Building Home-Storage and Organization Solutions



How-To Guides -- Build it Yourself ... as Hobby Projects or for Profit

NEW: How to Better Use + Optimize Closets & Other Storage Space

Great Storage Do-it-Yourself Projects

Looking for Space — and Finding It

  1. A Perspective on Storage
  2. Photo Tour of Storage Spaces

Making Your Space Work for You

  1. Five Steps to Better Storage
  2. Guidelines on Design
  3. Structure and Style
  4. A Potpourri of Storage Projects

Instant Solutions: Storage Products You Can Buy

  1. Boxes and Bins
  2. Cabinet and Counter Organizers
  3. Wall Space Storage
  4. Door Backs and Closet Interiors
  5. Furniture That Stores

DIY and Custom-Made Storage Solutions: Components You Can Build for Home, Office ... as a Hobby or for Sale (Profit, earn Income)

  1. Storage Components
    1. Shelves
    2. Pockets
    3. Dividers
    4. Modules
    5. Rollouts
    6. Cases and Chests
    7. Tops, Doors, and Toes
    8. Racks
  2. Tools, Techniques, and Tips
    1. Materials
    2. Spans and Loads
    3. Sizing Up Your Space
    4. Layout and Cutting List
    5. Cuts and Joints
    6. Detail Milling and Edging
    7. Drilling and Fastening
    8. Gluing, Clamping, and Assembly
    9. Doors and Drawers
    10. Face Frames and Miter Boxes
    11. Hardware
    12. Finishing

Awesome Do-it-Yourself and Store-bought Storage Solutions


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