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  3. White-water thrills await seasoned boaters on rivers across the continent. Although the roughest waters are the province of experts, anyone from a raw novice to a top pro can find a waterway that will match his skill, experience, and type of craft.

  4. The Most Popular Do-it-Yourself Topics (one of the topics is shown above: Boxing in pipes)

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  16. The Buildings and Architecture Guide -- Resource for: Redesigning / Renovating Apartments and Houses; Home Construction; How to Design and Build Your Own House; more... [].

  17. Now incorporating "" --- "Wet-Basement .net" existed as its own independent site (roughly 2005-2015); we created it concurrently with several other DIY/home-improvement sites. It now exists completely and conveniently within this comprehensive DIY/home-improvement site,

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About Us

We strive to be your online hardware, tool and home supply outlet. Our merchant partner combines the knowledge and personal service of a boutique home hardware operation but with a broad inventory of over 45,000 tools and home hardware supplies including:

* landscaping supplies

* garden tools

* construction and plumbing supplies

* automotive supplies

* interior paint and house paint

* housewares and more

Our partner believes in living a more creative life through getting your hands dirty. They use their hardware knowledge to help you select the best quality tools and hardware for your Do-It-Yourself home-improvement project. Top of Page

One of the most respected hardware items is duct tape. If you're even more curious, Wikipedia has a superb description of duct tape here.

Here at Construction Resource Folks, our goal is to help you reconstruct your home by providing you with the widest range of do-it-yourself products. We single out only the best do-it-yourself and home improvement vendors. Although this research is time consuming, it's the only way we know to filter vendors that offer quality products, have reasonable prices, and provide superb customer support. Whether you are looking for replacement blades for your lawn tractor, bathroom fixtures, or a few screws and fasteners, you will find parts for your specific needs, application and budget on our web site.

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