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Does your pet have the proper flea and tick protection? Year-round flea and tick protection is a good idea in most areas. Remember, a sudden flea or tick infestation can occur any time, either indoors or outdoors. Perhaps your animal suffers from joint problems? Use of joint supplements year round to help lubricate your pet's joints and can help your pet lead a healthy lifestyle.

Things you need to know about Ticks

Ticks can be a problem in many regions and locales. There are many different species of ticks which can become attached to pets. Once they are securely attached by imbedding their mouth parts into the of the pet's skin, they begin feeding off of its blood. As they continue to feed, ticks become engorged with the pet's blood and their size can increase by several times.

Ticks pose a health threat to both pets and people. Diseases organisms that ticks carry include those involved in causing Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Ehrlichiosis. These diseases affect both pets and people. Symptoms of tick-borne diseases include: fever, muscle and joint pain, stiffness, and rashes. If untreated, these health problems can become severe and long-term treatment may become necessary.

Tick prevention in pets is very important in areas where there is exposure. Frontline flea control for cats and dogs is a once a month topical treatment which is highly effective. Most collars don't work well because they often don't ward off ticks attaching to areas near the back and hind end of the animal since the collars are up front around the neck. The Preventic collar for dogs, however, works well since its mode of action differs from most collars. It actually releases a compound by contacting the skin of the pet and thus provides whole body protection.

Helpful tick products:
Preventic Plus, Kiltix for Dogs & Puppies, Frontline Plus, tick twister

Source: our merchant partner: EntirelyPets.

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