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About the Low-maintenance Appliances Guide

How many hours do you figure you’ll spend this weekend on maintenance projects around the house? How much money will your next trip to the local hardware store cost you? Is there really life after homeownership?

If even asking yourself such questions tires you out, take heart, Chris Kelvin is here. In Low-Maintenance Homes, Chris leads you from roof to basement, kitchen to bathroom, garage to patio, front yard to back garden, showing you the many ways you can cut down on the seemingly never-ending chores and expenses of homeownership.

It’s primarily a matter of knowledge, Chris says, not special skill. Like knowing what materials to use the next time you remodel or replace something, or using a technique that will add years to the life of your repair job, or months to your annual spring and fall tasks. Anyone can benefit from such knowledge, and Chris aims to prove it.

He gives you the best and latest information on hundreds of new and time-tested home products, like interior and exterior house paints and varnishes, roofing products, basement waterproofing materials, wallcoverings, kitchen flooring, appliances, heating and air-conditioning systems, bathroom fixtures, patio furniture, and much more. He also explains dozens of useful techniques that save time and money in the long run, for almost every part of your house, inside and out.

Being an avid gardener himself, Chris has lots of advice about the low-maintenance garden and landscape as well. He has suggestions for beautiful yet hardy trees, for shrubs that need little or no pruning or other special attention, for annual and perennial flowers that flourish despite neglect, and for vegetables that are the most pest-, disease , and drought-resistant. And he devotes an entire chapter to explaining how you can stop being a slave to that most high maintenance of all home possessions—the lawn.

About the Author of the Low-maintenance Appliances Guide

Chris Kelvin had his own house built with one goal in mind: that he would be able to get by with as little home maintenance as absolutely possible. He saw to it that the roof of his house was built steep enough so that snow and rain wouldn’t collect on it, that the walls were made of durable, easy-care brick, that the heavy-duty storm door would never need painting, and that the guttering was made of baked enamel over aluminum that wouldn’t rust.

For all his good planning, he has been rewarded with time to pursue a flourishing professional life as a winter, with 19 books and numerous magazine articles and newspaper columns to his credit. More importantly, while friends and neighbors are sacrificing weekends to house chores, Chris has time to play softball, tend to his 40 acres of farmland, gardens, and orchard, and generally enjoy life with his family at his home in Ann Arbor, Michigan USA.

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