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Learn How To DIY:

NEW! Ultimate Fix-It-Yourself Manual

Redesign, Restore, Renovate your House / Home, Apartment, Office, or Small-Business Building

Electrical Wiring for Residential

Tip Of the Day: For sinks, use a hand snake first. Remove the stopper and force the snake down into the drain as far as it will go. For tough clogs remove the trap below the sink or tub. For toilets, a plunger works best. Make sure that the plunger seals well and use short quick strokes.

DIY Home Security:

Glossary of Home Construction terms:

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Glossary of Building and Construction Materials terms by topic

Guide to Attics and Basements:


  • Getting Started
  • Basic Framing
    • Planning the Framing
    • Building Basement Floors
    • Building Attic Floors
    • Covering Basement Walls
    • Framing Soffits and Chases
    • Building Partition Walls
    • Building Attic Kneewalls
    • Framing Attic Ceilings
    • Framing Doors and Windows
    • Enlarging Basement Window Openings
    • Trimming Basement Windows
  • Mechanical Systems
    • Planning Your Systems
    • Adding a Basement Bath
    • Installing Countertops and Sinks
    • Installing a Toilet
    • Macerating Toilets
    • Installing a Shower
    • Installing a Whirlpool
    • Wiring a Room
    • Incandescent Light Fixture
    • Recessed Light Fixtures
    • Track Lighting
    • Baseboard Heaters
    • Providing Heating and Cooling
    • Forced-air Systems
  • Finishing Walls and Ceilings
    • Installing Insulation
    • Insulating and Ventilating Roofs
    • Soundproofing Walls and Ceilings
    • Installing and Finishing Wallboard
    • Installing a Suspended Ceiling
    • Paneling an Attic Ceiling
  • Installing Doors and Windows
    • Installing a Pre-hung Door
    • Installing Windows
    • Installing a Skylight
    • Installing Door and Window Casing
    • Installing a Wet Bar
    • Installing a Recessed Kneewall
    • Installing a Gas Fireplace
    • Installing Radiant Floor Heating

How to Build Additions:

Before You Begin

Simple Room Additions

Kitchen and Bath Additions

Complex Ground-Level Additions

Multistory Additions


New! Plan and Design Home Additions

Green Renovation and Remodeling:

Job Site and Landscaping


Structural Framing

Exterior Finish


Location of Houses (topics include):

House Types (topics include):

Interior Design (topics include):

Home and Building Water / Moisture Problems, Solutions and Prevention:

Converting Space: How to Transform Areas of Your Home to Usable Home-Office Space

Reviving Old Houses: Over 500 Low-cost Tips and Techniques:

Home Construction Visual Guide: Use this visual guide to identify components and parts of appliances, home-construction materials, and do-it-yourself supplies. The Guide is divided into the following categories:

Do-it-Yourself Manual:

Ceiling Fans know-how:

Industrial Westinghouse
Industrial Emerson
Outdoor Westinghouse

Earth-friendly products for home and office -- Offering Sustainable Living and Environmentally-Conscious Products and Information

Basement Waterproofing — Whether you choose to waterproof a basement yourself or hire an outside contractor, we've put together a some tips you may find useful.

[coming soon] Carpet Cleaning Tips and Carpet Cleaning Machines — Learn about techniques and equipment before you buy an expensive machine or hire a cleaning service.

[coming soon] Cermaic Floor Tile — Learn about Tile Design and Installation.

[coming soon] Indoor Air Filtration — Improve the quality of the air in your home using modern tools and techniques.

Build a Home-Improvements + DIY Book / Reference Library


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