Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- W-

wale bracket: horizontal timber or steel beam that braces vertical members.

waler horizontal wood support used to cast concrete.

wall vertical structure that forms interior or exterior side of room, attached to studs.

wall section: part of wall taken as structural or support unit.

waste pipe: horizontal pipe used to carry waste from bath and kitchen fixtures to soil pipe.

wattle: rod or stake interwoven with twigs or branches to form wall, fence, or root

W-beam: iron or steel beam with W-shaped cross section.

weather stripping: metal or fabric strips placed around edges of doors mid windows to reduce heat loss.

web: internal, diagonal brace between chords in truss.

weep hole: water drainage opening in masonry wall.

weir: notch in dam or levee that regulates and directs flow of water.

winder triangular tread on winding staircase.

winding: wire or thread coiled or wrapped around something, especially single turn of - such wire or thread.

wing: part extending laterally from main part.

withe: partition between flues of chimney.

wood roof truss: rigid framework of structural members to carry roof load

worm: rotating shaft or cylinder cut with helical threads.