Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- F-

facade: exterior face on front of building.

facet: small cut, as on precious stone.

facing: lining; finishing surface.

fairing: element that reduces wind drag.

fascia: fleet, vertical member of cornice attached to outer edge of eave at end of rafter.

fastener: hardware device that holds separate parts together: bolt, nail, plug, screw, pin, toggle, clasp, or damp.

felloe: rim or rim segment of spoked wheel that holds outer ends of spokes.

fender: guard, impact absorber.

ferrule: metal ring or cap at end o1 handle or tool filler substance used to fill holes or smooth surface irregularities filter device that separates particles from air or liquid.

firestop: fire-retardant element inside walls and floors. Especially horizontal wood member between studs to stop updrafts inside wall.

fire wall: partition made of fireproof material. Used to prevent spread of fire within building.

fitting: small part or device, usually of standardized size and shape.

fixture: plumbing or electrical unit.

flange: projecting rim or collar of wheel, pipe, rail, or beam, used to hold it in place or guide action.

flashing: sheet metal strip or wall for waterproofing or insulation, usually by sealing joint.

flitch: bundle of veneer sheets component of beam or girder.

floorboard: any of the strips of wood composing a floor.

floor joist: horizontal support piece for floor.

flue: enclosed passageway used to direct current of gas; chimney, channel lot smoke or air.

fluke: pointed blade on anchor, barb.

flume: channel or inclined chute that carries water.

foliated joint: joint between overlapping, rabbeted edges of two boards, forming continuous surface.

footing: concrete pad that supports and distributes foundation weight.

forelock: cotter pin, split pin, or linchpin.

forms: panels joined as molds for concrete.

foundation: supporting part of structure beneath first floor joists, usually concrete or masonry.

frame: open, supporting structure.

frieze: horizontal piece that connects siding to soffit, usually decorative.

furnishings: usually movable articles for use or decoration in structure.

furring: wood strips fastened to non-wood walls or coiling to form straight surface for application of finished wall material.