Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- G -

gable end: end wall bearing a gable.

gain: notch, mortise, or groove, especially to receive hardware.

gasket: flat sheet of material used to form gas-tight joint between engine parts.

gibbet: jib or projecting arm of crane.

girder horizontal structural member that supports wall; floor joist between piers or columns; beam.

girder pocket: notch in foundation for base of girder.

grate: metal grid or frame of parallel bars, used for support, ventilation, and filtration.

grid: grate, metal openwork surface.

groove: tong, narrow, hollow cut into surface.

gusset: plywood or metal plate that joins wooden members or reinforces joints.

gutter: trough to siphon fluid, especially rainwater from root.

guy: reinforcing wire, chain.