Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- H -

haft: handle, especially of knife or ax.

handle: rod, knob, part to be grasped by hand.

handlebar: rod or bar with handle at each end.

hanger: iron strap used to suspend pipes and joists.

hank: coil, loop, or ring, especially of rope.

hardware: metal fittings and utensils for building construction.

harness: assemblage of interconnected straps that restrain or fasten.

H-beam: long iron or steel I-beam with wide flanges.

head: top of door or window frame.

header: horizontal support that spans an opening in frame of wall or floor.

headpost: post at top of part.

herringbone bridging: cross bridging.

hilt: handle, especially of knife or sword.

hinge: swiveling metal joint that fastens swinging element to stable support: butt, spring, strap, T-hinge.

hip rafter: diagonal rafter extending from ridgepole to corner intersection of top plates of two walls.

hoop: circular binding strip.

housing: frame or covering for part: recess in piece of wood for insertion of another piece.

hub: center part, especially of wheel where it's fastened to axle.

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