Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- L -

Lally column: steel pipe with concrete-filled post used to support girders.

landing: floor area at top or bottom of stairs.

lap joint: joint between two members in which end or edge of one is partly cut away to be overlapped by end or edge of the other, resulting in a flush surface.

latch: fastener, especially for door.

lath: narrow wood strips for lattice, trellis, and plastering base for wall; metal or gypsum panels nailed to studs on which plaster is applied.

lattice: wood strip framework.

leader: downspout connected to gutter.

leaf: sliding or hinged side or division, especially of door or window.

leaf spring: long, multiple spring used in suspension systems of vehicles.

ledger: wood strip nailed to underside of wood beam or stud for support.

lever: bar used to lift heavy object or pry open something.

ligature: thread, wire, or small hoop that serves for binding or tying up.

linchpin: fastener that prevents slippage; linkage device.

lining: inner coating or layer.

lintel: horizontal, weight-bearing crosspiece above door or window.

load-bearing wall: wall that carries vertical load from above.

lookout: extending horizontal framing member that supports roof overhang, fascia, and soffit.

lug and slot: projection and hole into which it fits.

lumber: milled hardwood or softwood boards, used to build construction and cabinetry.