Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- S-

sally: rafter projection notched to fit over and extend beyond plate or horizontal beam.

sandwich panel: wall or other structural panel consisting of core of one material between two sheets of a different material.

sash: movable frame that contains glass windowpanes.

scab: wood piece nailed to two butting pieces of wood as splice.

scantling: beam or timber of small cross section, such as 2x4.

scarf joint joint in which two timbers are fitted together with end laps and held together by bolts or straps.

sconce: cover, protective shell.

scrap: used metal parts reclaimed for other uses.

screen: frame covered with mesh, usually of wire.

scupper: opening in building wall, used for drainage from flat roof.

shackle: U-shaped fastener with pin.

shaft: rotating cylinder; column that supports rotating machine elements.

shank: straight or central element of fitting or tool: loop or eye on back of solid button.

sheathing: material used to cover roof rafters or exterior wall studs.

shell: outer covering or framework.

shim: thin piece of material used to smooth, l evel, or finish area between two irregular surfaces.

shiplap: siding boards with overlapping joints along edges, applied over sheathing.

shoring: wood or metal braces used for temporary support during building construction.

shunt: switch used to deflect motion.

shutter: device that controls passage of light.

shuttle: device that controls back-and-forth movement.

siding: surface covering for exterior building walls.

sill: horizontal member at base of window or door.

sill plate: horizontal structure bolted to foundation beneath flooring.

skid: plank or low platform on which load is supported.

slab: strip of concrete, poured as single piece, especially reinforced concrete floor.

slat: flat, narrow strip.

sleeper: wood member attached to concrete floor as base for wood floor.

sleeve: tube that surrounds another part.

sluice: gated or valved water channel.

soffit: undersurface of cornice from fascia to wall; plancier.

soil pipe: drainage system component that receives waste discharged from toilet and sometimes from other plumbing waste pipes.

soil stack: vertical soil pipe.

soleplate: horizontal member in sub-floor below line of wall studs.

sound: insulation section of insulating material that damps sound waves.

spar: lengthwise support structure.

spider: machine part consisting of several radiating spokes or arms, usually not connected at outer ends.

spile: peg or plug made of wood, often used as spigot.

spindle: pin or shaft that holds rotating bit or wheel.

spit: pointed, narrow rod.

splice: joint made by weaving together rope ends.

spline: thin wood strip fitted into grooves.

splint: flexible strip used for weaving and bracing.

spoke: radial reinforcement for wheel.

spool: cylindrical container used to wind and store rope and chain.

spout: chute used to move loose substances or liquids; projecting lip through which liquid is poured.

spring flexible wire coil that provides resilience and absorbs shocks.

sprocket: one of series of teeth or points on wheel rim arranged to fit links of chain or another set of sprockets.

spur: projecting element.

stack: vertical shelves, pipes, or flues.

staff: shaft, rung.

stanchion: upright support bar or beam.

standard: upright support or support structure.

stave: strip of wood curved and bound with others to form vessel.

steel framing: structural frame made from steel members.

stem: shaft, support.

stile: vertical member, especially of panel door.

stilt pole: that supports and elevates structure or load.

stock: main upright part of supporting structure.

stool: interior, horizontal molding on window sill between jambs.

stop: wood strip used to hold window in place or against which door closes.

story pole: pole cut to height between floor and ceiling and marked with minor dimensions for use in construction.

strake: single line of planking that extends the entire length of a structure, especially ship.

strap: narrow, flexible band of leather or fabric that binds or secures objects.

strike plate: metal plate set in door frame, to receive lock plunger.

stringer: side of stair cut to receive threads long, horizontal timber connecting upright posts.

strip: long, thin section of material.

structural component: portion, element, or raw material used in something built or constructed strut bar or piece that resists longitudinal pressure or stress along its length.

stud: vertical framing member for wall, usually wood.

sub-floor: boards nailed directly to floor joists, used as base for finished floorboards or carpets.

sump: pit, trap, or reservoir that collects liquid.

support: element that bears weight of another part or parts.

suspended ceiling: ceiling hung from floor or loot above it.

switch: device used to open or close flow especially electric current.

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