Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- C -

cable: heavy-duty rope of wire strands, usually wound together.

cage: openwork structure or frame. Especially of bars or wires.

caisson: underwater housing for structure or foundation.

cantilever: extension of structural member beyond point of support.

cap: tight-fitting cover or top.

capstone: topmost stone in structure.

carriage: movable machine part designed to carry or convey something.

casing: trim or molding on doors or windows.

caster: small, swiveling wheel used to support or move furniture and heavy objects.

casting: part cast in mold.

ceiling joist: horizontal support piece for ceiling.

chain: rope or wire of connected metal links.

chamfer: beveled edge or channel on piece of wood.

channel: passageway, especially for gas or liquid; three-sided U-shaped element, usually metal.

chase: venial groove in masonry wall for pipes, duets, or conduits: frame that holds paper in printing press.

chassis: framework or support for working parts.

chimney: vertical flue that draws often gases and heat from furnace or fireplace.

chock: wedge of hard material that prevents movement or fills gap.

chord: outside horizontal member of truss.

chute: inclined or vertical downward passageway.

clack valve: valve having hinged flap that permits flow in one direction only.

clasp: fastener, especially dip.

cleat: wood brace.

clevis: U-shaped device with pin across opening.

clew: metal loop fastened to corner of hung camas.

cog: tooth or radial support on wheel or gear.

coil: wire turned in loops.

coil spring: wire spring coiled helically into conical or cylindrical shape.

collar: ring or flange, especially on pipe, to connect parts or prevent sideward motion.

collar beam: horizontal member placed between pair of opposing root ratters to stiffen roof.

column: vertical structural support.

common rafter: rafter that extends from ridgepole to top plate.

component: part or element of structure.

conduit: tube, pipe, or channel, especially for fluids or electric wiring.

connecting rod: reciprocating rod that connects two or more machine parts.

corner: point at which two or more surfaces meet, often a right angle.

corner board: exterior finish board at corner that abuts siding.

corner brace: diagonal structural support.

cornice: exterior trim at juncture of roof and wall, consisting of fascia, softie and molding.

cotter: split pin with spreadable ends.

counterflashing: metal surfacing especially for chimneys at roof line.

coupling: machine part that connects two rotating shafts at their ends to transmit torque between them.

cove molding: concave-faced molding especially between wall and ceiling.

cover: something placed over a part or structure, especially to conceal or protect it.

cowling: removable metal housing or cover for engine.

cradle: supportive framework on which something rests.

creel: basketlike cage or rack.

crest: projecting ridge, top, or summit.

crib: framework of strips or planks, open at top.

cripple: short wall stud above or below door or window.

crossbar: connective bar placed in horizontal position.

crossbeam: transverse beam in structure, such as joist.

cross bridging: bridging of crisscross wood pieces; herringbone bridging.

crosshead: sliding member of reciprocating engine for maintaining straight motion between piston rod and connecting rod.

crosspiece: any element lying across another or connecting two or more parts.

cross section: side or end section of object.

crosstie: beam or rod placed crosswise for support.

crown: top point, part resting at top.

crutch: usually forked support element on which another part rests.

culvert: drain or waterway under road or embankment.

curb: enclosing framework or border: element that restrains or checks curtain wall exterior wall that protects interior wall from weather but bears no structural load.