Glossary of Home/Building Structural Components

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The following terms define Building and Machine Parts

- T-

tackle: rigging; ropes and pulleys used to hoist objects.

tail: end of rafter that extends beyond exterior wall.

tappet: sliding rod struck by cam to move another part.

T-bar iron or steel beam with flanges along one edge brining T-shaped cross section.

tee: T-shaped structural member.

template: horizontal member of wall that receives and distributes pressure of beam or girder.

tenon: projecting part cut in wood to insert in corresponding mortise as joint.

thill: vehicle shaft.

threshold: beveled strip, usually wood or stone, fastened to doorsill directly below door.

tie: structural member that joins stress pieces in frame.

tie beam: horizontal beam that connects two structural members and keeps them in place

tierod: steel rod that serves as structural brace.

timber wood member, especially one 5 inches (12.7 cm) or more in smallest dimension.

tine: slender, pointed projection of implement or weapon.

toe: part placed vertically in bearing, such as lower end of shaft.

toggle pin or crosspiece placed across end of rope or chain to prevent slippage.

tongue projecting piece of wood fitted into corresponding groove.

tongue-and-groove joint joint between two boards, one of which is cut with a raised area on its edge that fits into corresponding groove in edge of other board to form flush surface.

tooth: regular projection on gear rim.

top plate: horizontal member at top of wall studs; roof plate.

trace: bar hinged to two parts of machine, for transferring motion between them.

track: bolt or tread that guides line of motion.

transom: crosspiece in structure, especially above window or door.

trave crossbeam; section between crossbeams.

traverse rod: horizontal rod on which curtains open and close.

tread: horizontal part of stair on which one steps.

trellis: lath lattice support.

trestle: reinforced supporting framework.

trim: wood molding, strips for finish and decoration.

trimmer: beam or joist that forms rough opening in wall, floor, or roof into which header is framed.

tripod: three-legged support, usually adjustable.

trippet: projection or cam that strikes another machine part at regular intervals.

truckle: small wheel or pulley.

trundle: small wheel or caster.

truss: rigid reinforcing framework: preassembled support unit used in roof construction, including rafters, joists, and bracing.

truss beam: beam that is part of truss.

tube: hollow cylinder, pipe.

tumbler: single cog or cam on rotating shaft that transmits motion to the part it engages.