Reviving Old Houses -- Over 500 Low-cost Tips and Techniques: Introduction

Old houses have very special charms -- and very special problems.

In our online guide, Reviving Old Houses, our staff, lovers of old homes and experienced home renovator, share over 500 rock-solid and practical ideas on repairing and caring for those hidden treasures — old houses. To us, the guiding principles of renovation are: sensitivity to design and low cost. With those principles in mind, we enthusiastically and clearly share tips on:

  • Evaluating a house before purchase
  • Prioritizing projects once the house is yours
  • Collecting and organizing supplies and equipment
  • Repairing roofs and renewing masonry
  • Installing insulation and wallboard and hanging wallpaper
  • Glazing and repairing windows and reviving shutters
  • Redoing old doors and hardware
  • Building new staircases
  • Carrying out attic additions and porch revival
  • Using basements for additional living space
  • Sanding and refinishing floors
  • Painting both interiors and exteriors
  • Building walkways around the property

Our authors’ creative advice for do-it-yourselfers is unfailingly easy to follow, and each author’s own enthusiasm for the task, inspirational.

How this Guide -- Reviving Old Houses: Over 500 Low-cost Tips and Techniques -- is Organized:

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