The Complete Guide to Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation -- Article Index

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This guide shows you how to do the job right yourself, with the latest techniques and materials, step-by-step directions, safety advice, and hundreds of color illustrations. Learn the methods the professionals use so you can …

  • Upgrade bath and shower fittings.
  • Install a ground-fault circuit interrupter for added safety.
  • Expand an existing bathroom or add a new one.
  • Lay a new floor of resilient vinyl in sheets or tiles.
  • Beautify your kitchen with a new pre-laminated or ceramic tile countertop.
  • Save the cost of service calls by repairing kitchen appliances yourself.
  • Put an end to annoying drips and leaks.
  • ... and much more ...

(1) Kitchen Repairs Made Easy

(2) Simple Fixes for Appliances

(3) Custom Solutions for Storage Problems

(4) Face-Lifts for Timeworn Kitchens

(5) Common Bathroom Repairs

(6) Updating Your Bathroom

(7) Refinishing Floors and Walls

(8) Creating a New Bathroom

(9) Home Plumbing Basics

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