The Basic Plumbing -- Techniques Guide: Article Index and Intro

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Plumbing Systems: An overview of what plumbing involves. What you need to know about codes and permits. The basic plumbing tool set. How water is supplied to your home and disposed of.

Emergency Repairs: Quick-reference guide to coping with toilet emergencies, clogged drains, frozen pipes, overflowing washers, and leaks. Emergency plumbing kit.

Working with Pipe: Advantages and disadvantages of various kinds of pipe. Methods and tools for measuring, cutting, bending, joining, and repairing pipe.

Valves and Faucets: Descriptions of common types of valves and faucets—old and new—and how to repair, replace, and install them.

Fixtures and Appliances: How to repair and replace a sink, garbage disposer, dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, or bathroom fixture. Choosing a solar water heating system.

Installing a New Bathroom: Planning and installing a new bathroom in an addition or an existing room. How to size and frame pipe and fixtures.

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