Glossary of Building and Construction Materials:
Plastics, Paper, and Textiles

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asbestos: fibrous material of fireproof mineral, used for insulation and tiling

Bakelite: Trademark. black plastic made of synthetic resin

batting: cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber wadded and quilted into sheets

batt insulation: insulation made of batting

buckram: stiffened linen cloth bunting thin, translucent cloth used for decorations

burlap: coarse sacking; Hessian

canvas: coarse, dense hemp or cotton cloth

cardboard: thick, stiff material made from paper pulp; paperboard

carpeting: thick, heavy wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber woven with pile, used for floor covering

cellophane: thin, transparent, moisture-proof material made from cellulose

cellulose: chief substance in fibers of all plant tissue, used in making paper and textiles

chamois: soft leather made from skin of goatlike, European antelope or sheep, used as polishing cloth

cheesecloth: very loosely woven thin cotton cloth

crepe paper: thin, stiff, crinkled paper

fiber: slender, threadlike structure found in vegetable tissue or made synthetically

Fiberglas: Trademark. brand of fiberglass

fiberglass: finespun glass filaments woven into sheets, used with backing as thermal or acoustical insulation or pressed and molded with resin as plastic

fibrous pad: thick, soft sheet composed of fibers flax fibers of flax plant spun into thread

foam rubber: rubber treated to form firm, spongy mass

Formica: Trademark. laminated, heat-resistant plastic, used especially for countertops

grass cloth: soft fabric made from plant bark fibers

grass paper: fine grass fibers plaited into paper

hessian: coarsely woven cloth; burlap

insulation: any of various, usually fibrous, materials that do not conduct heat or sound

jute: strong fiber used for rope, burlap, and mats

kraft paper: strong, brown paper made from wood pulp prepared with sodium sulfate solution, used for wrapping

leather: animal skin prepared by removing hair and tanning

Lucite: Trademark. clear, synthetic resin that hardens when cooled, used for storefront windows instead of glass

millboard: strong, heavy cardboard used for book covers or furniture panels

muslin: cotton with plain weave, often heavyweight with coarse finish

Mylar: Trademark, very thin sheets of reflective polyester with great tensile strength, used for insulation and fabrics

Naugahyde: Trademark. imitation leather paper very thin, flexible sheets made from wood pulp or other fibrous material

paperboard: stiff, heavy material made from wood pulp, thicker than paper; cardboard

papier-mâché: shredded paper mixed with glue to form highly plastic molding material

pasteboard: stiff material made from pasted layers of paper or pressed and dried paper pulp

Perspex: Trademark. hard, transparent, acrylic resin similar to Plexiglas

plastic laminate: plastic glued to plywood or particle board, used for countertops

plastics: various nonmetallic organic compounds produced synthetically by polymerization, which c a n be molded, hardened, or formed into pliable sheets, fibers. or foams

Plexiglas: Trademark. light weight. transparent. thermoplastic synthetic resin, used in place of glass

polyester polymeric synthetic resin used in making plastics and synthetic fiber,)

polymer: natural, or synthetic substance formed by chaining together many simple molecules to term giant molecule , with different physical properties

polypropylene polymerized propylene, a very light, highly-resistant thermoplastic resin, used for packaging and coatings

polystyrene: tough, decor, colorless plastic polymer of styren e used especially for containers and apparatus

polyurethane: various synthetic polymers, used in elastic fibers. foam, insulation, molded products. and coatings

quilt: fibrous material matted together between layers of heavy paper, used for heat insulation

raffia: fiber obtained from Mediterranean palm, used for baskets or ropes

rice paper: thin, translucent paper made from straw of rice grass

rubber: hard, elastic substance obtained by coagulating and drying sap or latex of various tropical plants, or made synthetically

rubber floor tile: hardened, flat rubber squares

strawboard coarse straw cardboard, used especially for boxes

styrene: easily polymerized aromatic liquid, used to make synthetic rubber and plastics

Styrofoam Trademark. rigid, lightweight polystyrene, used for insulation and commercial products

tagboard: strong cardboard

tarpaper: heavy paper impregnated with tar, used as base lot roofing

Teflon Trademark . tough insoluble polymer, used for non-stick coatings on cookware, in gaskets, and as insulation

textiles: woven fabrics made of natural or synthetic fibers

vinyl: compound derived from ethylene and polymerized into various resins and plastics

vinyl floor tile: stiff, flat, vinyl plastic squares

Vinylite Trademark. any of various vinyl resins

wallpaper decorative strips of paper used to cover walls, usually applied with glue

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