Glossary of Building and Construction Materials:
Paneling and Composite Boards

beaverboard: compressed wood fiberboard for walls and partitions

button board: hard, stiff paperboard

ceiling tile usually: 2x4 foot acoustic tile sheet of composite board

Celotex Trademark insulation board made from sugarcane residue

chipboard: compressed wood pulp, sawdust, and wood chips with resin binder

Compoboard Trademark. composite board

composite board: class of high-strength, lightweight sheet materials made by combining various elements with a binder

compreg: wood impregnated with resin, then compressed under great heat to increase hardness and resistance to moisture and decay; impreg

corkboard: sheet of porous, elastic cork

diffuser: panel mounted at angle to wall to absorb or disperse sound or light drywall gypsum or hardboard panels joined as interior wall finish; plasterboard

fiberboard: compressed wood or vegetable fibers in sheets

gyp board: gypsum board

gypsum board: laminate with gypsum core and layers of fibrous paper, gyp board plasterboard

hardboard: wood fibers placed under heat and pressure and pressed into sheets

homosote: soft construction wallboard with crumbly edges, used especially for displays

impreg: wood impregnated with resin, then compressed under great heat to increase hardness and resistance to moisture and decay; compreg

insulation board: sheets of material that resist transfer of heat or sound

laminate: very strong or stiff multilayered material, especially of plastic

laminated board: sheets of multilayered material

Masonite Trademark. hardboard of pressed wood fibers for construction and insulation

panelboard: composite board or laminate used as paneling

paperboard: composite board of varying thickness and rigidity composed of layers of paper with binding

particle board: panel of wood fibers, flakes, and shavings bonded together with synthetic resin

pasteboard: layers of paper pressed together or pressed and dried paper pulp formed into sheets

pegboard: composite or particle board pierced with holes into which pegs are placed for hanging objects

perfboard: hardboard with holes into which hooks or pegs can be inserted for hanging objects

pinboard: cork or soft board that can be pierced with pins to hold papers

plasterboard: plaster of Paris core covered with heavy sheets of paper, used for walls or partitions; drywall; gypsum board

plastic laminated wood: plastic coating bonded to plywood or particle board, used as countertop

plastic plywood: layers of plastic pressed together as plywood

plyboard: layers of composite board or plasterboard pressed together

Pregboard Trademark. compreg or impreg

pressboard: variety of pasteboard

pressed hardboard: wood fiber hardboard

scagliola: imitation marble of ground gypsum with glue, used on floors and interior finishing

Sheetrock Trademark. popular brand of plasterboard

Upson board Trademark. easy-cutting, lightweight wallboard with clean edges of varying thickness, used especially for displays

wallboard: fibrous material made with gypsum in sheets for covering walls or ceilings or for displays

weatherboard: laminate clapboard for exterior use


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