"Guarantees" offered by Basement Waterproofing Contractors -- What to Look for

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If you are planning on installing a “perimeter system and pump” and the process may backed by “a lifetime transferable guarantee”. From a contractor, should you expect complete protection of the entire basement walls and floor? Some contractors may only guarantee the walls and three (3) feet in from wall under coverage potentially leaving 80% of the floor not covered.

This wiil be a huge problem if, for example, water tables are rise and the basement starts to leak through cracks, seams, support posts, and old sump pits.

The better contrators ...

  • offer a process called cross channels (should be noted in written "guarantee" paperwork).
  • should guarantee the entire floor and walls -- and , of course, honor that guarantee with friendly service if repair work is needed.

Monday, November 10, 2008 22:47