Ultimate Guide to Adding On--ENLARGING THE GROUND FLOOR

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.Perhaps the most common addition to a house is an extension of the first floor, a project that can be as small as a bay window or big enough to include one or more new rooms. In general, room-size or larger additions require all the key operations illustrated in this section—from building a foundation, walls, and a roof to supplying power and heat.

A Walk-Out Bay Window

  • Two Ways to Frame a Bay
  • Clearing the Way for Cantilevers
  • A Platform of Extended Joists
  • Redirecting Joists
  • Completing the Platform

Framing and Fitting the Window

  • An Opening in a Platform-Framed Wall
  • An Opening in a Balloon-Framed Wall
  • A Knee Wall to Support the Window
  • Installing the Unit
  • Adding a Ready-Made Roof

Underpinnings for an Extra Room

  • A Three-Sided Foundation
  • Tying the New Floor to the Old
  • Precision Fitting for a Concrete Slab

Grafting New Walls to Old

  • Preparing the Attachments Points
  • Assembling the. Walls
  • A new bay window

Splicing On a New Roof

  • Two Cornice Styles
  • Building a Shed Roof
  • Erecting a Gable Roof
  • Roofs that Intersect
  • Extending Gable Roofs

Finishing an Addition Roof

  • Leak-proofing Joints
  • Adding Gutters

Opening the Common Wall

  • A Header Concealed in the Ceiling

Wiring for a Small Addition

  • Mounting Outlet Boxes
  • Running Cable to the Addition
  • Wiring the Boxes
  • Making Service-Panel Connections

Supplying Heat to the Room

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