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Filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13 may not be an easy task for a person who is already harassed by lawsuits filed by the creditors, or their persistent phone calls demanding refunds. Filing for bankruptcy without legal help can prove to be difficult if you are not familiar with the legal jargon. Also, the bankruptcy laws, of late, have become more complicated and stringent. Given this scenario, it is best to take the help of an attorney to fight your case.

The new bankruptcy laws have become more complicated, and you have to find a qualified attorney who is familiar with all the aspects of the laws. You may need expert counseling in preparing your petition for filing for bankruptcy under chapter 13. This is because you have to file details of your assets, liabilities, sources of income, expenditure, and, in case you are married, file a joint petition with the same information in case of your spouse.

Incorrect information can severely damage your credibility and your case. A qualified lawyer can save the expenses that you might incur if you try to fight your case yourself and end up complicating matters in the process. You can consult your friends and acquaintances, who may be able to suggest a good attorney based on their experiences. You can also approach fresh bankruptcy law graduates, who may be much better informed about bankruptcy lawyers.

The other option is to search the Internet. You will come across numerous expert bankruptcy lawyers to choose from. A good criterion to differentiate between a good and a bad bankruptcy lawyer is to log on to the websites of a few bankruptcy lawyers or law firms. While a bad lawyer will provide you with sketchy information about himself or about his field, a good lawyer will devote a great part of the space on his Website in educating people about the basics of the Chapter 13. You will also be able to find out about his educational qualifications, publications, and also references with their telephone numbers to enable you cross-check his claims.

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