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Bill consolidation companies help you consolidate bills. In other words, they help their clients lower their debts. They also handle payments on your behalf for your accounts. If you need to negotiate a waiver of a penalty for late payment, it is better to get help from a bill consolidation company, rather than do it on your own. These companies have expert negotiators, to help you get a good bargain. Before you sign up with a company there are certain important things to be taken care of.

First, you should know exactly how much debt you have. Second, compare the terms and rates of various companies so that you are able to get a good deal. The growing competition in the market has really brought the rates down, and you can take advantage of that.

Even after signing up with a company, keep a close eye on the statements of your accounts so that if there is any error in payments, it can be rectified at the right time.

Bill consolidation companies generally help you to get rid of your short-term debt within four to five years. It helps you with various debt management plans. There is one available for every client. Your overall interest rates with the creditors also come down, due to the help of bill consolidation companies.

However, sometimes it is not possible to bring down interest rates in certain types of debts, so there is no point in handing over such debts to bill consolidation services. These companies generally get a one-time fee from their customers to start working. Then there are options of either one-time payments, or monthly payments. Many clients opt out of the plan before completion, so the monthly-fee option is better from the company's as well as the customer's point of view.

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