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Bill consolidation is most helpful for those who find it difficult to keep track of multiple payments or who are disorganized about their bill payments. Bill consolidation lets you consolidate, or group, all of your bills into one payment so that you don't have to trouble yourself about keeping track of several. If you want to go for bill consolidation, call your bank to find out what options they have. You can choose the one that suits you. But remember two things: one, bill consolidation does not work for everyone, and two, different bill consolidation plans are suitable for different persons. What suits your friend might not suit you. Once you have chosen a bill consolidation plan, it becomes much easier and less cumbersome for you to pay all your bills on time.

The first step, if one is going for bill consolidation, is to understand one's financial position. Then go through various options offered by your bank. If needed, you might set up a meeting with a representative of the bank, to discuss your financial position with him or her. The representative could help you in making a decision. But ultimately, you have to make the choice.

Bill consolidation is not uncommon these days, as almost every household or individual faces the problem of keeping track of multiple payments. There are several online and offline sources which could help you. But if you are not able pay the required amount even after getting your bills consolidated, the whole exercise would prove to be of no use.

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