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Senior Settlements
Sometimes senior citizens no longer need their policies which they had taken in their youth. They may not be able to pay the premiums anymore, or they may need the cash for some other purpose. Some years ago, the only options to get rid of unwanted policies were to cash them in at their surrender value, or, worse still, to allow them to lapse. Both these methods caused a serious loss to the policyholder.

Senior Life Settlement Policies
Senior citizens above the age of 65 years can sell their unwanted policies to other parties and get a lump sum settlement in cash. Such a Life Settlement is done when the person requires money for some urgent purpose, to invest in business or to simply fulfill some lifelong desire.

A Guide to Senior Settlement Brokerages
Life Settlement Brokers make the entire process of Senior Life Settlement easier. Insurance is a highly secretive market, where the current prices of policies are not easily available to the policy holders. Brokers get this inside information, as most brokers are closely affiliated with insurance companies. Brokers also know the procedures along with all their intricacies, and can speed up the process. One more important advantage of having a broker settle a senior policy is that they can attract more bids and hence give a better choice to a buyer.

Senior Life Settlements: An Introduction
A Senior Life Settlement means the sale of an insurance policy to a third party at a value less than the face value of the policy. The buyer of the policy is liable to pay all future premiums on the policy, while the original holder of the policy gets a lump sum in cash. This lump sum is an amount that exceeds the cash value of the policy accrued till that date.

Licensed Senior Settlement Company
A Senior Settlement Company is an establishment that buys unwanted policies from senior citizens and sells them off to other interested parties. The company becomes liable for all further premiums on the policy and its benefits, once the policy is bought by it from the original policyholder. The responsibilities of Senior Settlement Companies include buying the policy from the senior policyholder, customizing it according to present-day requirements, introducing it to interested parties and inviting bids, selling it to the highest bidder and compensating the original policyholder a lump sum amount in cash. These companies also maintain the current funds of the policyholder in an escrow account till such time as the policy is sold to someone else.

Senior Life Settlements Industry: An Overview
Senior Life Settlements have provided senior citizens a method to realize the financial value of their insurance policy assets before their maturities. Earlier, a large number of policies would either lapse or be surrendered by senior citizens who were unable to keep paying the premiums. But now, these policies can be settled with a buyer.

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