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I was looking for an automagic way of keeping content fresh so I started experimenting with RSS-fed pages. Here's an experimental "model" I just uploaded:

The theme for the site is "SEO". There are two or three separate php scripts running, each of which brings in content from different RSS feeds. Each feed is subject- or theme-specific. I've got three different types of Google AdSense layouts running: the leaderboard on top, skyscraper on the right-hand side, and a 200x300 box in the middle of the page. Some of the AdSense areas may be white space. Originally, I thought this was due to AdSense robots not having thoroughly "sensed" the content -- or that they didn't like something about the page. However, a friend and much-more-expereinced Googler correctly deduced the "problem":

"I've noticed that with multiple Google ads on a page [that] sometimes the ones lower down on the page will be blank, not even PSA ads. Google mentions that in their note about allowing multiple ads on a page. It's not that Google doesn't like something on the page, but that they just decided (for whatever reason) to not even display PSAs when they don't have paid ads to display. My guess is that they agree to display a given number of PSA ads for an organization, and when they've done that they conserve their bandwidth by just not displaying anything after that."

Many of the free-for-website-use RSS feeds I've encountered thus far kinda/sorta suck or have content I'm not interested in. Nevertheless, this may be an important next step in one niche of affiliate marketing, so a pay-for service -- similar to the datafeed service on CJ -- may be a worthy option for the future. I've read that php scripts are better than JavaScript scriptlets (the kind that go inside an *.html file) because G can't decipher JavaScript. That's the *story*, anyway:

Based on's suggestion, I opted for the CARP php Caching RSS Parser; it's free and available here:

The utility will put a link to CARP under each php-fed script used (a pay-for version of CARP may disable the link, tho' I'm not sure). As far as the feeds, here are some sites with free ones:

Google-expert friend wrote:

"One concern I have about RSS feeds is that since they frequently change, any Google-based traffic won't be "targeted" traffic when it arrives due to the lag in Google's indexing. As long as the topic can be held to one area, though, I suppost that won't be much of a problem, so maybe that's a non-issue. "

And I replied:

Yes, this is concern of mine, too. Most RSS sources have feeds categorized by topicality. If not, one can do a Google search for "RSS feed [topic]". This is what I did to add some content to my Star Wars Shop site:

Ultimately, I still prefer to write my own content for stuff I'm really interested in. For other vendors, such as datafeed-based merchants, "free"-for-use articles, copied-and-pasted are, IMO, a second-best option. Adding RSS-based affiliate marketing sites -- in addition to many of the other affiliate marketing strategies -- may allow one to spread their eggs into other, additional baskets.