The Roommate Guide: Intro

Why a roommate? Well, there are lots of reasons, of course. Most people, at first, probably just consider the financial reasons -- the ever-worsening economy isn’t letting up soon. But there are many others, including the friendship, companionship, protection (think emergencies) and general buffer against loneliness a roommate can offer. Living with one or more roommates can even open up your circle of friends and acquaintances and generally make life more interesting.

Whether you’ve had dozens of roommates, are currently living with a roommate, or are simply considering a roommate, you’ll find this guide helpful. Not only will it help you to decide the type of roommate(s) you’d like, but also how to find them, how to discover the correct living situation for you, how to make money as a roommate, and what to do if you lose a roommate.

By following the simple steps the guide covers, you’ll greatly minimize the risks and increase your chances for a happy life as a roommate. Because so many web sites and books have already covered the combination of roommates as lovers, I’ve chosen not to address that situation here. But you’ll find lots of information to help make your roommate years fun and successful. Here’s hoping you’ll enjoy living with others half as much as I have.

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