Mold Problems in Residential Homes and Buildings

Mold is typically caused by water intrusion. For example, It can be a pipe burst, or it can be a slow leak over time caused by improper flashing details.

  • Plumbing leaks and flooding
  • Damp or wet basements
  • Shower and bath steam
  • Humid environments and climates
  • Improper, poor or no ventilation in moist/humid areas

While bleach may kill bacteria, and may seem to remove mold, it will not kill mold. Make sure the mold in your home is the same type and at the same level as outside your home, to ensure your home is fine.

Identifying the Problem



Types of Mold

Ways of Combating Mold

  • high-pressure wash,applied to: roofs, walls, driveways, fences, boards, and other areas
  • soda-blast cleaning

Mold resources and books:

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