DVD: The Basics of Household Wiring, Electrical Video and Repair

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Topics include:

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No other DVD program like this has ever been created for understanding electrical repair and home wiring. After viewing this interactive DVD you will understand electricity in your home, circuit breakers, service panels, correct wire gauges, the relationship between volts, watts, and amps, short circuits, installation and repairs for lights, switches, receptacles and more. This will get you up to speed faster than any manual you will ever read. Watch it again and again and become an expert faster than the average do-it-yourselfer. Perfect for every home library.

This wiring DVD was exactly what I needed. I am no electrician, but now I know how to talk their language, not to mention, do it myself if I want to. I've watched the program several times and it is excellent. It answered a lot of questions I had. It sure is a lot easier watching how something is done instead of reading about it in an electrical manual. Would I recommend this tutorial to someone? Absolutely. It is probably the best how-to program I've ever seen. I wish I had a dozen of these.


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