Home Construction Visual Guide 9:
Plumbing: Mechanical Connectors and Fittings

Below: The parts below show connectors and fittings used to connect plumbing pipes together. Place your mouse over each part for a description.

Mechanical Connectors

Compression fitting

Flare joint


Transition Fittings

Common Fittings (such as PVC)

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MORTISE LOCK, cylinder, stator, key, rotor, spring, cotter pin, cylinder case keyway, dead bolt ring, faceplate, strike plate TUBULAR LOCK
,  outside knob
latch bolt
inside knob
45 elbow elbow U-bend Tee Y-branch Offset Trap Square head plug Flush bushing Nipple reducing coupling threaded cap pipe coupling hexagon bushing steel to plastic copper  to plastic coopper to steel ring nut union nut gasket pipe B pipe A union nut connector pipe B pipe A nut gasket connector connector pipe A pipe B nut