Plumbing: Installing a Dishwasher

If you’re simply replacing your old dishwasher with a new one, this project is fairly straightforward. Standard dish washer sizes make them largely inter changeable. Most manufacturers use a standard mechanical configuration that allows you to reuse the same supply lines. However, some models may require new supply lines fed from a different direction.

To remove the old unit, shut off water and disconnect water-supply line. Next, shut off power and remove electrical connection. Remove the anchor screws from the countertop and lower the unit using the adjustable feet for clearance. Save the 90-degree fitting and the electrical cord if you have a plug-in setup, provided the parts are in good condition. The new unit will usually include a new chain hose. After installation, run dishwasher through a complete cycle and test for leaks.

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1. Thread new drain hose into cabinet. Loop drain hose up to bottom of countertop or special air-gap fitting, if required by code, and clamp. Pull drain hose down to inlet arm on sink drain or garbage disposer.

2. Lay out water line, drain hose and electrical wire so they clear obstructions underneath the dishwasher as you slide it back. If required by code, sheath electrical wire in flexible-steel conduit.

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3. Adjust front feet to roughly fit the opening’s height. Carefully slide dishwasher into opening. Adjust feet so door is level and gap between cabinets is equal on both sides of the unit.

4. Install 90° fitting and align it so water sup ply slides straight into fitting. Use plumbing tape on threads and tighten fitting.

5. Clamp drain hose to dishwasher. Install cable clamp and connect electrical wires. Double-check dishwasher position and screw dish washer brackets to underside of countertop.

Repairing Door Leaks

A poorly sealing door is the source for most dishwasher door leaks. Look for drips directly under the door when it runs. If a puddle appears after washing, remove the lower front panel and check for drips around the hoses and water connections. Also, check for a stuck float switch causing the tub to overfill.

Replace a gasket that’s cracked, brittle or worn. Observe how the old one fits when you remove it. Soak the new gasket in hot water to soften it, and use petroleum jelly to lubricate flanges for easier installation.

Tighten the latch if you can jiggle the door after it’s latched. Loosen screws holding adjustable latch plate and move inward in small increments, testing the door’s fit after each adjustment.

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